Monday, 1 June 2015

Third Year Show Reel (2014-2015) and final thoughts

This is a compilation of my work completed during my third and final year at university. 

There are still a few things that I think I may go back to tweak and polish or even just re-render but for now, this is my final reel. 

'Final major project' were pretty intense but I had a lot of fun animating new things like the dancing on 'Project Dance' and playing with new original rigs on 'Alpha'. 

It was a crazy three years and I am proud with how far I have come. I could have never imagined being able to not only animate but co-direct a CG animated short film before starting uni. But now it is done and I am officially a graduate.... now onto the real world. Ooo this should be fun. 

I am of course going to continue to post here ( even if this was originally for university) I have a fair few personal projects planned and hopefully I will find somewhere willing to pay me to animate for them (which still seems crazy) ahhh into the unknown I go! 

ps. watch 'Over the Garden Wall' ^^