Friday, 2 January 2015

Final Major Pre-Production: Alpha (Collab) Part 2 [Creature Scene]

This is the second part of my pre-production for Alpha. Just to remind you, here are my scenes again... 

I did some research into the animals most like the creature from Alpha. This was a little difficult as he is a fictional creature but we decided he would have the anatomy of something like an alpaca or a Shetland pony. 

After anatomy and pose research I thumbnailed some variations for the scene and cut them into animatics...

In the end we decided to go for the second one. I liked the curiosity shown with him scratching around the base. I also think that animating him rearing up will be a lot of fun and give me a lot to play with. 

I then drew out the final story board for the creature scene....

And made a final animatic...

I think that this scene is going to be a lot of fun to animate. I think i may have some trouble with the posing as the design of the creature is quite unusual and the large neck and tiny legs may be an issue. Im hoping to get a nice bouncy animation for him running away as I want him to look harmless and cute.

I'm super excited to work on this project and get my teeth stuck into it. It will be nice to have a play with some new custom rigs too!!

As I am a co-director I also made up schedules for the project to keep us on track. Im sure some things wont go to plan but fingers crossed we will get it all done in time.

This will also be my first time being an animation director so Im looking forward to that challenge. Hopefully I will be able to give a lot of useful feedback and keep the animation style consistent throughout the piece. 

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